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Rent eBike in Premantura and Banjole

Electric bike rental in Premantura and Banjole. Rent ebike and discover beautiful places and stunning nature at cape Kamenjak and Medulin riviera. Take your friends and family to a great adventure at the amazing Croatian coast! 

You can rent ebike for half day or a whole day. Check prices below and if you want to hire bikes for more days feel free to call us and ask for discount.

Rent ebike and you get all you need (for FREE!):

  • Safety helmets
  • Bike locks
  • Support 24/7
  • Bike delivery, in radius of 15 km from our shop, for rental more than 3 days!
Electric bike rental PRICES:
  • 4 hours: 203,50 KN / 27,00 €
  • 1 day: 286,30 KN / 38,00 €
  • more than 3 days: 203,50 KN / 27,00 € per day
  • Fixed conversion rate 1 € = 7,5345 kn
Kamenjak tour by bike

Rent a bike and explore amazing cape Kamenjak as one of the must-see places in Istria. Enjoy beautiful paths all the way to the sea and create perfect holiday in Croatia.

Bikes are rented at your own responsibility. Any damage to the bike will be charged. Please take care of yourself and bikes, and have a safe ride!


The best rental in Istria!

We offer rental for half day (4 hours) and a full day, and a special discount for more than 3 days! Safety helmets included. Support 24h. Free delivery for rental more than 3 days. Check our prices here: PRICING.


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